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Brian Van Brunt, EdD



Brian is the National Director of Behavior & Threat Management for D-Prep Safety, where he trains K-12 schools, colleges, universities, law enforcement, and workplace on issues related to threat assessment, crisis preparedness, crisis response, emergency operations, behavioral intervention, workplace violence, mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Brian is also the lead content expert for InterACTT, the International Alliance for CARE and Threat Teams. InterACTT is a collaborative group of like-minded professionals working to make your everyday work easier and more efficient. InterACTT's goal is to support your day-to-day work in counseling, disability services, student conduct, law enforcement, CARE and threat teams, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Brian Van Brunt
How to Engage in Difficult Conversations on Identity, Race, and Politics in Higher Education, buy now

How to Engage in Difficult Conversations on Identity, Race, and Politics in Higher Education addresses the polarized political and racialized climate in the United States. This practical resource offers faculty and staff much needed direction related to hosting difficult conversations as they occur in the classroom, residence halls, orientation events, and coffee shops around college and university campuses. Chapters provide insights, case examples, interactive exercises, and "how-to" tools and tips to hosting these conversations, covering issues such as immigration, White supremacy in academia, women’s rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, trans rights, reproductive rights, and cancel culture, among many others. This resource is designed to better prepare instructors, faculty, higher education staff and administrators to enter into these hard conversations with an improved awareness of contentious issues and how to facilitate, and potentially de-escalate, discussions that are already occurring.


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