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Articles, Book Chapters & Whitepapers

The Rise of the Incel Mission-Oriented Attacker. Journal of Aggression and Maltreatment, submission, 2020.


Defining, Addressing, and Besting COVID Rage. Journal of Violence and Gender, submission, 2020.

Means Restriction and Suicide. Chapter in Campus Carry: Confronting a Loaded Issue in Higher Education, 2020.

Preventing Violence Through Coordinated Responses to Classroom Disruption in School. Chapter in Violence and Primary Prevention, 2019.

Terrorist in Training: The Role of Social Media and the Rise of Terrorism through Nationalistic White Agenda, Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention, 2019


A Case for Case Management. ACUHO-I Connections Magazine, 2019.


Debunking the Myths: Mental Illness and Mass Shootings. Journal of Violence and Gender, 2018.

Brian Van Brunt


Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams. The Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention, 2018.


Summary and Analysis of 2018 NaBITA Survey Data. The Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention, 2018.  


Early Identification of Grooming and Targeting in Predatory Sexual Behavior on College Campuses. Journal of Violence and Gender, 2018.

Coordinate to Curb Student Violence. Educational Leadership Magazine, 2018. 

Addressing Dangerous Behavior in the Classroom. Educational Leadership Magazine, 2018.

Role of the Counselor on the Behavioral Intervention Team. NABITA, 2018

Parental Worldview and Children. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior, 2017.

An Exploration of the Risk, Protective and Mobilization Factors Related to Violent Extremism in College Populations. Journal of Gender and Violence, 2017.

An Exploration of the Protective and Risk Factors Related the Escalation of Extremist Violence. 10th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry, 2017.

A Sound Prevention Base for Addressing Campus Sexual Violence. Inside Higher Ed, 2017

Psychiatric Medications & College Counseling. The American College Counseling Association and NABITA, 2016.


The Unfit Parent: Six Myths Concerning Dangerousness and Mental Illness. Family Court Review, 2016.


Assessing Threat in Written Communications, Social Media, and Creative Writing. Journal of Violence and Gender, 2016.

Creating a Trans-Inclusive Environment through Policies and Practices. TNG, 2016

Navigating the Storm: Threat Assessment and Mental Health. NABITA, 2016.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Title IX Investigations. ATIXA, 2016.

Sexual Assault on College and University Campuses. Journal of Gender and Violence, 2015.

The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Risk Factors for Sexual Violence on College Campuses (DD-12). Journal of Gender and Violence, 2015.

Making the Call: Parental Notification of Suicidal Students. NABITA, 2015.

Who is on the Team? Mission, Motivation and Motivation. NABITA, 2015.

CORE-Q10 Checklist: Assessment of a Behavioral Intervention Team. NABITA, 2014.

NaBITA Team Survey. NABITA, 2014.


Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting. NABITA, 2014.

Costuming, Misogyny, and Objectification as Risk Factors in Targeted Violence. Journal of Gender and Violence, 2014.

Case Management in Higher Education. NABITA and the American College Counseling Association, 2012.

NaBITA Team Survey. NABITA, 2012.

How Front-Office Staff Can Manage Difficult Student Behavior. Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education, 2012

Giving Troubled Students the BrushoffThe Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012.

Group Work and Outreach Guide for College Counselors: Group Plans and Resources. American Counseling Association, 2011.

Responding to a Death on Campus. Group Work and Outreach Guide for College Counselors: Group Plans and Resources, 2011

Restorative Justice on Campus. Student Affairs Leader, 2010.

The Campus Mental Health Case Studies Binder. Paper Clip Communications, 2010.

Involuntary Medical and Psychological Withdrawals: A Last Resort. Student Affairs Leader, 2010.

Brian Van Brunt


Wilderness Experiences and First-Year Programs. Ometeca: Journal of Science and Humanities, 2010.

Instructor’s Manual with Tests. Psychology for Living Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today, 2010.

Mental Status ExamValidity Scales, and Key Figures in Research and Evaluation. American Counseling Association Encyclopedia of Counseling, 2009.

What Every Alcohol Education Program Should Teach Students. Student Affairs Leader, 2009.

Successful Classroom Management. The Teaching Professor, 2008.

Seven Components of an RA Training Program. Student Affairs Leader, 2008.


Retention and College Counseling Centers. Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education, 2008.

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