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Please feel free to distribute the About link with Brian's biography to attendees. 


If introducing Brian, here is his preferred introduction:

“Dr. Brian Van Brunt has worked in the counseling field for more than 20 years, and specializes in educational counseling, behavioral intervention and support, and issues related to mental health and alcohol/substance abuse by students. He served as Director of Counseling at New England College and Western Kentucky University. He joined The NCHERM Group in January of 2013 and is now a Partner there as well as the President of the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association. Dr. Van Brunt is also a prolific writer, having authored numerous books, book chapters, and articles. He has additionally produced various assessment instruments, video training materials, and is a blogger and photographer during his spare time.”


Brian will arrive to the training facility 15-30 minutes prior to the event start time. He prefers a table and chair at the front of the room. These items should be positioned so that his head will not interfere with attendees' view of the presentation slides. If a platform or riser is required for Brian to be seen by attendees at the back of the room, please make sure that this is provided. 

Brian will use his own computer to display slides, and as such will require an electrical cord long enough to connect his laptop at the presenter's table to a projector. Brian's presentations also require the ability to use speakers, so please have an audio cable available that can plug into a laptop headphone jack. Brian will supply his own, Apple-friendly adapter to plug into a standard VGA or HDMI cord. Also, please make a power strip available for his use to ensure that his devices remain charged during the training. He prefers a wireless lavalier microphone. Additionally, please have a member of the IT department on hand all mornings of the trainings to ensure that all aspects of the audio-visual set-up run smoothly. 

Please have two bottles of cold water available for Brian throughout the duration of the training. If your institution is providing lunch, Brian would be happy to join. Please note, however, that hosts are not required to provide lunch. 

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