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As an internationally recognized expert in behavioral intervention, threat assessment and mental illness,  Dr. Brian Van Brunt is here to keep your school or organization safe and help at-risk individuals access the care they need.

Brian has retired from NABITA as its president and has stepped down as a partner with TNG. He will be spending some time with family and wishing Makenzie Schiemann and the NABITA crew the best as they continue to grow and provide top-notch service to the K-12 and higher education community.

Writing and Research

Quality trainings start with quality research. Brian is dedicated to staying abreast of current best practice in all his work and studying trends and behaviors of at-risk and dangerous individuals. He has used this knowledge and research to write several seminal books in the field.

Understanding and Treating Incels by Brian Van Brunt and Chris Taylor
Assessing Threats in Student Writing by Brian Van Brunt, W. Scott Lewis and Jeff Solomon
Harm to Others by Brian Van Brunt
Uprooting Sexual Violence by Amy Murphy and Brian Van Brunt
Ending Campus Violence by Brian Van Brunt
Brian Van Brunt for Clearly Clinical

Course Description

Regarding the resurgence of White Supremacy: How did we get here, and what do we, as mental health professionals, do about it? This fast-paced interview course will help improve clinical understanding of the white supremacist violence movement, as well as discuss treatment approaches and prevention efforts. Dr. Van Brunt reviews both the escalation factors and protective factors for extremist violence, and identifies motivations and causes of this increase in extremist, violent ideology.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to: Describe three ways our current culture and the rise of social media have influenced the exposure to violent extremism; List three risk and three protective factors for extremist violence; Recite two therapeutic techniques that are useful when working with clients who express extremist ideologies

Target Audience and Instructional Level

This course is intended for psychologists, therapists, social workers, clinical counselors, and addiction counselors. Instructional level: Introductory & Intermediate


Dr. Brian Van Brunt has worked in the counseling field for more than 25 years, and specializes in educational counseling, behavioral intervention and support, and issues related to mental health and alcohol/substance abuse by students. He served as director of counseling at New England College and Western Kentucky University. He is a partner with TNG and serves as the President of the National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment(NABITA). Dr. Van Brunt is also a prolific writer, having authored numerous books, book chapters, and articles. He has additionally produced various assessment instruments, video training materials, and is a blogger and photographer during his spare time.

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